USOL-X provides more foot side 3D data than USOL.
Fast true 3D laser scan. Auto landmark, measurement, and diagnostic.
Custom shoes and orthotic insoles fabrication for foot clinics.
Prefab shoes and orthotic insoles selection for retail stores.

USOL-X Equipment information

USOL-X Features are the same as USOL (check USOL Factsheet), except

  • Size/Weight 600*230*69 MM/5.0KG. USOL Size/Weight 490*230*69 MM/4.7KG.
  • Scan Speed 4.9s/6.9s on minimum i5-6200U/Z8350. USOL Scan Speed 1.9s/2.9s.
  • Doesn’t scan concave surfaces (foam box or plaster cast internal). USOL does.
    1 foot2 foot1 foot
    1 Camera2 Camera2 Camera
    2 Laser4 Laser4 Laser

USOL-X Configurations are the same as USOL

  • USOL-X Standard: Scanner, Power Adapter, USB Cable (White), Foot Switch, Heel Camera (folding with laser).
  • USOL-X Floor: USOL-X Standard + Toe Laser, Side Steps (Pair).
  • USOL-X Vertical: USOL-X Standard + Toe Laser, Folding Frame (with wheels) and VESA Bracket.

USOL-X Configurations

USOL-X Standard:
USOL-X Floor:
USOL-X Floor:
USOL-X Floor:
USOL-X Floor:
USOL-X Floor:
USOL-X Vertical: