Fast true 3D laser scan. Auto landmark, measurement, and diagnostic
Custom shoes and orthotic insoles for foot clinics and retail stores

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UPOD-HD Hardware

  • Full-foot in non/semi/full-weight
  • Foam Impression, Plaster Cast, Shoe Last
  • Scan 5.9-16.9s one-way for 3D
  • Scan round-trip captures color texture
  • Normal indoor lighting, no shield required
  • Clean 3D mesh, +/- 0.5mm accuracy
  • Scan Volume 380L X 180W X 180H mm
  • Scanner Body: 682L X 350W X 367H mm
  • Scanner Body: 19Kg (42Lb)
  • Load Capacity: 180 Kg
  • External Power adapter AC 100-240V.
  • One-year limited warranty

Standard UPOD-HD Software

  • Win10 only, doesn’t support Win7/8
  • Auto 30 Landmark and 43 Measurements
  • Auto diagnostic for arch type, hallux, and heel
  • Mark landmarks on foot then drag points to match
  • Foot report with manual annotations
  • Export to STL/WRL, PDF, CSV files
  • FTP send order to shoe/insole fabrication
  • Customize software logo, sell your own brand
  • Customize UI language to your local language
  • Customize RX form for custom shoe/insole
  • For developers: SDK call scanner to receive data


UPOD-HD Configuration

  • Included: Scanner body, NUC10i7FNH-PC, Power Adapter, Foot Switch, Side standing boxes, and software license
  • Buyer supply monitor/keyboard/mouse which are plugged into the NUC10i7FNH-PC
  • Cannot connect to external laptop or desktop
  • Included Intel NUC10i7FNH-PC has Win10, 8G Ram, CPU I7-10710U or equivalent


Options and OEM

  • Scanner in black or white (as shown)
  • OEM design and production
  • Custom software development


Higher 3D resolution/accuracy
Larger scan volume, scan higher
Slower scan speed
More premium appearance
Software features the same


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